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Wandering the West

The juicy light driving through Idaho made for this bucolic scene. I like the light reflecting off the wet road.

Ara and Willa watching me shoot the farm scene.

A farm scene in the rural roads and wheat fields of eastern washington.  Near Pullman.

Somewhere in Eastern Washington

The same somewhere, different light.

Working for NEEA has been my best gig in the last month.  I photographed in an enormous potato processing plant in Idaho where they asked me if I was bringing in any glass (I answered by looking down at my lenses); I stopped by the roadside near Whitefish, Montana and employed Willa and Ara to model (yes, they made it into the annual report); and they gave me free reign to interpret the themes of the shoot, which is every photographer’s dream.  I can’t post the final images from the project quite yet, but I’ll put them up after I get the green light from NEEA.

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June 25th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

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